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By design.

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Agency Other is committed to a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding human behavior and the socio-cultural milieu that contextualizes it.


With an anthropological perspective, AO applies scientific rigor to its research. This lends itself to a mode of inquiry aimed at providing a deep understanding for humans - how we see, experience, interact, learn - against the diversity of ever-changing socio-political and economic life.


Our methods ensure that innovative products, strategies, and new business opportunities can have the most impact. 







Agency Other engages in careful design and execution of applied quantitative and quantitative research in order to learn the intricate details of each client’s market: its history, cultural climate, and future trends. We also examine stakeholder groups, allies, and competitors.




We examine the market sector to gain a mastery of the origins and evolution of the range of needs being met by our partner's class of products and services.




We look at broad-sweeping sentiments of the general public and dive into ethnographic research to understand at the individual level what matters to people as it relates to the business of our partners. 



We use our historical finds and environmental knowledge to make informed predictions about the future of each market sector, which in turn guides our strategic decision making. 



We provide a complete overview of each stakeholder segment including a detailed profile of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors regarding our clients’ brands.


We seek and determine counterparts with which to beneficially partner our clients’ efforts in the hope to augment current or future initiatives. 




We assess the market for all competitive and analogous entities, providing in-depth analysis of their products, value propositions, communications and operational strategies.

Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future. Design is therefore responsible for the world our children live in.
— Robert L. Peters



Brand Strategy

Our interdisciplinary understanding of market science and consumer culture brings a unique depth of insight to our brand strategies. We work with our clients to understand who they are now and who they want to be. We use these insights to develop comprehensive communication ecosystems that underscore a strong market presence for each brand, with well defined tenets that are enunciated through pervasive, consistent, and intentional design and messaging frameworks.

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Brand Design

No brand is just a logo. The research we conduct informs every instance of the brand design from the logo to the photography and all the other expressions of the company's feeling. We work to ensure longevity and meaning with every brand we help create.

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Messaging Framework

Good messaging is intentional and direct. As part of your brand platform, we develop the brand archetype, key target audiences and insights that express your value and services to your target audience. This guides all communication from pitch decks to social media and ensures your brand's cohesion and consistency.  




Communications Strategy

We design communications strategies that break with standard approaches in order to differentiate our clients in ways that are innovative and efficient - taking advantage of untapped opportunities in things like data science and collaborations. We help our clients define their business goals and builds a comprehensive roadmap to get there. 


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A website’s design and purpose is an intimate reflection of a business goals. Our design team builds elegant website with intuitive navigation that drives that sought behavior, whether it’s engagement, developing customer leads, or sales.


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Content transforms a brand into a dynamic conversation between a company and its community. AO develops thoughtful content that is based on our research and ongoing analysis and positions the content within channels - social media, traditional media, blogs - that are most effective to achieving our partner's business goals. 

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Digital Marketing Planning and Execution 


People are online, and so we need to develop pathways to reaching them there. As part of the marketing strategy, AO uses digital marketing best practices to connect our clients with their target audiences in the right place at the right time. We make sure to pull the right levers and use the best tactics possible to achieve market success.  


Ideation Workshops


One of our specialties is helping you discover what your business needs are. We navigate you through a process to crystalize your vision and distinguish your market value. We can also provide you with a multi-dimensional perspective on the market your business is trying to impact and work with you to design new market strategies and product ideas.

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