We partner for good

Agency Other partners with top industry experts in global health, design, business development and strategy. Our partners have worked with some of the world’s largest brands, philanthropic organizations, and healthcare systems to build brands and partnerships that inspire change.

Featured Partners:

Branding and design agency in LA
Rival is a new-model agency with a better way—working directly with decision-makers to deliver undiluted creativity with minimum complication. Nimble, flexible, and always up for a challenge, we excel at crafting exquisite, meaningful brands for our clients.


global health consultancy
Red Tomato Consulting is a Seattle-based boutique consulting firm with more than a decade of experience providing international and domestic non-profits, foundations, and start-ups with strategic messaging and content creation, thoughtful editing and idea translation, cross-sector partnership cultivation,  the “pixie dust” of transformational high-level meetings, and financial planning and analysis.


Global Consultancy Group
Rare Fiber is a highly networked global consulting firm. We weave decades of real-world experience with excellence, a dash of irreverence and loads of creativity.