We help people be healthier and reach their full potential  

Agency other is a Progressive Consumer Research firm committed to a multi-disciplinary approach for generating rich and insightful portraits of consumer behavior. We produce human centered strategies that involve developing ideas and concepts with outcomes designed to give precedence to the human condition. This means:

  • Viewing consumers as individuals that matter
  • Having empathy and genuine concern for the well-being of each audience member
  • Setting forth plans  of action whose objectives are intended to improve upon the lives of human beings and the state of humanity. 

Agency Other exists to improve people’s health and wellness and to help them reach their full potential. For this reason, we partner with innovative health and wellness companies with that same goal. Our work improves their impact and amplifies their voices with effective strategies and proven marketing techniques. We’re inspired by the potential of our client’s services and products and want to support those efforts by connecting our client’s work to the people who need and want them most. 

Our focus on health and technology leads us to a wide variety of partners, interests, and projects—from non-profits and government agencies to early-stage digital health startups and academia—all intended to improve equal access to quality information, care, and wellness opportunities.