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Susan E. Williams is the founder and lead principal of Agency Other.  She's an anthropologist and digital health consultant who leads diverse teams and provide expertise in strategy, market research, communications, and project management. Susan is constantly probing how a cultural structures dynamically define and are defined by the development and adoption of technology. Her work focuses on helping organizations that use technology to expand access, improve quality and lower overall healthcare costs have the biggest impact. Susan believes in technology’s ability to offer scalable and personalized solutions to motivate and inspire sustainable behavior change. She's been involved in exciting projects including leading market research and business development for a startup developing software to empower insurance companies to better engage with their members to driving partnership and communications strategy for an Arizona State University-led initiative to test the utility and validity of commercial connected health devices within clinical settings. Susan also  recently worked with the Southern Nevada Health District to merge their family planning and teen pregnancy prevention programs. She successfully managed the project needs and team talents towards a successful launch of the new True Health Needs Knowledge program. As an active member of the Quantified Self and Health Data Exploration Networks, Susan is involved in evolving collaborations across different sectors that include promoting interoperable systems and the DIY maker-movement. She excels at bringing diverse teams together for the most impact and has worked with doctors, patients, clinical staff, and architects on joint efforts like RWJF’s Flip the Clinic. Susan’s experience is informed by her background. She entered Columbia University as a pre-med student and shifted her studies to anthropology, where she became interested in the question of how humans represent memory in time and through various mediums. After graduating, Susan moved to Tokyo to study Japanese and returned to New York City after a brief stint exercising polo ponies on Kauai to begin her Masters degree in East Asian Cultural Studies at New York University. There, she focused on inter-war Japan and representations of the conflation of national and individual reproductive health and mental wellness.
Still an anthropologist and historian, Susan explores the evolving relationship between humans and technology in managing everyday health and wellness in her personal blog, Becoming Other.
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